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A view from my front porch of possible organic gardening area..



Welcome to GreenThumbFun & Welcome to the World of Organic Gardening, I hope this day finds you well. My blog is here for you. I will be adding more content 2 or 3 times through each

About Me and Organic Gardening

Now, a little bit about myself.. My name is Roy L. Morris I am 67 years young and have been married to the same woman, Carolyn, for 40 wonderful years. We raised 4 beautiful daughters, we have 8 grandchildren.

We live in Amarillo Texas. Our home is a rather large 3 bedroom, 2 bath, all electric, on well water and sits on 3 and a half acres.

We have 5 of our grandkids and 5 adults living here, soooooooo the fresh fruits and veggies are going to come in handy. Life is an adventure.. I love fresh fruits and vegetables and am a great fan of growing organic. I detest GMO seeds and feed and chemicals of any kind. So my garden will be non GMO and all organic.

We have 10 people living here and the fruits and vegetables that we don’t sell will feed us all through the year and save a whole bunch of money on our grocery bill. My major goal for this year and hopefully years to come is to build a garden, greenhouse, and aquaponic system.

I will be selling fresh fruits and vegetables, Non GMO and organic at a Farmers Market here in Amarillo, TX. all year long with plenty left over to feed the family. I am planning to also talk to some mom and pop markets and cafes and cater to their needs also.  I will also be giving produce to the Food Bank and Salvation Army here.

Please feel free to contact me by email with any questions.
Email: roy@greenthumbfun.com

I am also on Facebook as rollymoss and Twitter as rollymoss and greenthumbfun.

My group page at Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/groups/allorganic and one of my fan pages is www.facebook.com/RoysOrganicGardening I also have a page called Growing Your Own Food.. Click Here

If you need to talk to me personally my phone is 1-806-410-6161

I hope you enjoy my blog and please leave comments below.

Thank you and make it a great day and a better tomorrow..

For several great videos on organic gardening and such go +HERE+

A view from my back porch of possible organic gardening area..


Here is a link to get you started on your own worm farm for compost and worm tea for your plants.

The most important ingredient in organic gardening is your soil.  Listed at the top of the page are a couple of pages..One dealing with Soil Preperation and the other..Worms and Composting.  You might want to have a look there to solve your gardening questions.

More information on organic gardening, including the method of aquaponics, container gardening, and fall and winter gardening will be included soon.

Make it a great day and a better tomorrow.

Please be sure to leave a comment with questions, your experiences in organic gardening, and any advice you think might be helpful..

The link to the page Lets’ Get Fit, has a great link included with information on exercise and fitness.  Be sure to check that out also.

Return once in awhile to see new content added frequently.

Thank you,

Roy L Morris

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